DOMKO Ltd. is an exclusive representative of the most famous manufacturers of wall-to-wall carpets and a preferred partner with proven correctness and strong position on the Bulgarian market. DOMKO is offering an enormous variety of carpets for residential use and for commercial use as well, such as hotels, offices, banks, cinemas, restaurants, casinos, etc. The carpets vary in every way, starting with composition, structure and grade, up to color, pattern and design. All these will have an impact not only on the type and performance of the carpet, but also on your budget. Our sales consultants will offer you the best solution for your needs, no matter whether you need the best price, or high quality, unique design and amazing colours.
Being the major importer of carpets for the Bulgarian market, you have the possibility to choose from a great number of qualities of various fibers available – polypropylene, polyamide, wool, etc. We will offer you also different structures and types, such as tufted cut pile, loop pile, woven, axminster, etc.